Top 10 Insurance Tips

1. Figure out your needs

Use our online calculator to get a rough idea of how much money it would take to cover your surviving spouse’s expenses until retirement, and/or your children’s expenses until they reach adulthood or complete their education.

2. Give yourself options

We can give you plenty of options, complete a single life insurance application form and get up to 8 email quotes in minutes.

3. Get advise

Seek guidance from an accredited financial advisor. This will ensure you get the cover you need at the best possible price.

4. Ask the tough questions

Do not be afraid to ask the advisor questions. You should know the product and all your options inside out before buying. E.g. What are the exclusions?

5. Do your homework

Whether you decide to seek professional advice from an accredited financial advisor or buy a policy on your own, you should put in the time to ensure you understand your options. This will help you feel more confident and informed.

6. Heed red flags

If the advisor answers all your questions without referring to anything, or pretends she/he “knows it all”, chances are that she/he does not. Insurance policies are complicated, and even the best advisors do not know every product 100%. There is nothing wrong with that.

7. Buy from a strong company

The insurance company should have the best possible rating as a financial services provider.

8. Regular reviews

Your life insurance needs will change over the years, most notably when you marry, divorce, have a child or start caring for an aging parent. At a certain point, once your kids are all grown up, and once you know you’ve saved enough for retirement you may decide to stop paying for life insurance entirely.

9. Improve your health

To improve your risk class, take steps such as losing weight, reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure if they’re high. Quit smoking!

10. Keep it simple

Do not make your insurance planning complicated. Because it is based on protecting your family, it should be based on your needs. Don’t fall for all the bells and whistles the company may try to sell to you and make sure you compare similar products.

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