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About First life

The FirstLIFE vision is to re-intermediate the intermediary. FirstLIFE promotes the role of the intermediary, and the benefits of fully underwritten insurances.

FirstLIFE promotes the use of full "Records of Advice" that clients are able to receive from Intermediaries, and why these are so important. The necessity of ensuring the public are receiving full disclosure, with appropriate advice is critical to the FirstLIFE team.

The FirstLIFE Advisor that will explain the various life insurance options to you, and will also be able to introduce you to other benefits, such as Disability Cover, the Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit, Critical Illness benefit as well as our Short Term Insurance and Medical Aid products should you wish. All of these may be added to your application.

Life Cover Guide

  • What is Life Insurance?
    Life Cover is designed to provide cash for your family after your death. Compare multiple competitive life insurance quotes and save on your monthly premium now.
  • Who should be covered with Life Insurance?
    No matter who you are or how old you are, you and your loved ones deserve the peace of mind gained through Life Cover. Everyone should be covered by life insurance and specifically if you're married, a single parent, stay-at-home parent, retired, business owner and even if you're single...
  • How to choose Life Cover?
    There are many factors to consider such as being newly married, having a new born baby, buying a new home, additional mortgage bond cover... Get a life insurance quote now and an accredited financial advisor will contact you and provide expert advice.
  • How much Life Insurance do I need?
    Use our online Life Insurance Calculator to find out how much Life Cover you may need, once you know how much cover you need you can compare up to 8 life cover quotes. It's quick and easy!
  • Frequently asked questions
    Let us help you make sense of buying the best Life Insurance for your specific needs. We answer all of your life insurance questions, visit our FAQ section to learn more.