Choosing Life Cover

How to choose life insurance? Choosing a life insurance policy is another way in which you can look out for the continued welfare of your family and loved ones, but choosing the right Life Cover can be daunting. So let us help you by pointing out four key areas to consider when taking out life insurance:

Family needs

For Life Cover, you need to decide on how much money you would like your beneficiaries to receive and weigh that against how much you can afford to pay each month in terms of premiums.

Study your needs as a family. Most families depend on two salaries. If you died suddenly, could your family maintain their standard of living on one salary alone? And what if both of you passed away? Could you be sure your children's education would be taken care of? Would there be enough money to secure their financial future?

The need is greater still if you are also supporting parents or siblings - what would happen to them if you were no longer around. In these situations, Life Cover is vital.

Most damaging risk

We recommend you insure the person whose loss would be most detrimental in terms of financial support. Most often this individual is the primary breadwinner for a family or household.

Annual review

Because the cost of living rises each year, we advise you to review your Life Cover policy each year and decide whether or not the payout will be sufficient to meet the day-to-day and long term needs of your beneficiaries.

Financial advice

Your most valuable guide in buying life insurance is a reputable financial advisor. A competent advisor will take into account your needs now and any future needs you may have. You will want to review these needs periodically as your family circumstances change.

It’s imperative that you consult with a financial advisor in order to find the best cover for your requirements and ensure that you are not paying excessively high premiums or are under-covered.

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